Best Shark Vacuum for Laminate Floors and Carpet

best shark vacuum for laminate floors and carpet , the name of the brand of vacuum cleaners that can eat up many top rated brands. This brand has many of cool vacuum cleaners that provide awesome cleaning performance. Shark has a vacuum cleaner for any surfaces. It can suit most surfaces. But, today we are featuring the best shark vacuum for laminate floors and carpet.

Many people don’t have hardwood floors on house. Those who have laminate floors look for a vacuum cleaner that will suit their floors. This is why the topic of our today’s review relates to laminate floors. And obviously, you will have carpets in your house no matter the type of your floor is. That is why our review is about vacuums on laminate floors as well as carpets. And you already have understood why we chose the shark brand for featuring today’s list. So without much further delay let us jump to the review section.

What is the difference between a Shark Navigator and a shark rotator?

If you see the design of the Shark Navigator and the best shark vacuum for laminate floors and carpet r you will find no difference. They are both upright vacuums. And they both can convert into a handheld cleaner. And have a wide cleaning head. But if you go for the weight you will find the difference. The best shark vacuum for laminate floors Navigator weighs only 13.7 pounds. Where Shark Rotator has a little bit more weight. It has 15.5 pounds of weight. As both designs have handheld designs the portable version put on less weight.

In the handheld cleaning mode, they both contain almost similar weight. They will have around 8 pounds of weight. Though the Shark Rotator may have 8.4 pounds but still close to Shark Navigator. And about bins, Shark Navigator has 2.2 dry qts of bin capacity. And Shark Rotator has only 1.3 dry qts of bin capacity. In case of noise, Shark Navigator makes little less than Shark Rotator. But Shark Rotator is better than Shark Navigator in cleaning performance. Shark Rotator can offer not much difference but a little more of cleaning.

Best shark vacuum for laminate floors wins for better cleaning performance of high carpets. Though for low pile carpets Shark Navigator provides better performance. And also on hardwood floors, Shark Navigator has a bit more performing ability. Shark Rotator also has a hard floor cleaning head that Shark Navigator doesn’t have. As well as it has an upholstery brush. But it has Dust away cleaning head missing. But they have a neck-to-neck battle in case of maneuverability. However, Shark Navigator will normally cost you less than the Shark Rotator.

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