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If you have the budget invest in best mapping robot vacuum Shark IQ AV1002AE Robot Vacuum for more powerful AI and larger holding capacity. The device can do smart and faster mapping of your house for making the perfect route for cleaning. You can schedule its work and specific the rooms to clean. The commanding AI is the same as the smartest robo vacuum cleaners. Also best mapping robot is the best shark vacuum for laminate floors and carpets too as it cleans those precisely.

Moreover,this best mapping robot is providing you with the self-emptying feature that can hold dirt and debris for up to 45 days. In capacity, the dock station can hold up to 1.85 liters of waste. The brush roll it features is also s. So hairs found on carpets and floors will not get tangled in it. The best mapping robot can run for 90 minutes. If it is low on battery and it will automatically recharge itself. It comes with a HEPA filter for active filtration of waste.


Best mapping robot vacuum Shark IQ AV1002AE  troubleshooting features multiple useful pads that you may like. What makes it more amazing is the turbo charge cradle that comes with it. So it can be the answer to which vacuum is best for hardwood floors. Besides, Shark IQ AV1002AE Robot vacuum and mop  best budget vacuum cleaner is very popular and help for a family. Also it can make your daily life easy and comfortable. Therefore, Shark IQ AV1002AE Robot vacuum and mop reviews are highly reviewed and top rated on Amazon. This item has 4.2 out of 5 rating on Amazon. Its a great one just for you.

Specs & Features


Smart navigation

Long holding capacity


No map saving


How to use Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV1002AE

Cleaning your home just got easier with the best mapping robot vacuum Shark IQ Robot  AV1002AE with XL Self-Empty Base. In addition this remarkable device revolutionizes the way you maintain your living space. Here is an in-depth guide to help you make the most out of your Shark IQ Robot Vacuum.
However the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV1002AE is an advanced home cleaning appliance. It can autonomously clean your home, leaving you with more time to focus on other things. In addition the Shark company equip the vacuum cleaner with a self-emptying base that can hold up to 30 days of dirt and debris. Additionally, the machine features advanced navigation, self-cleaning brushrolls, and home mapping capabilities. All these features combined make it a handy, smart device to keep your home clean.
Setting Up Your Shark IQ Robot Vacuum
Unboxing and setting up your Shark IQ Robot Vacuum is a breeze. Besides the package comes with the main robot vacuum, a self-empty base, two side brushes, and a power cord. After unboxing, attach the two side brushes to the bottom of the vacuum. Connect the power cord to the self-empty base and plug it into a wall outlet.
Then, download the Shark-Clean app on your smartphone. You can find it in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Once installed, follow the prompts to set up your new Shark IQ Robot Vacuum. The app will walk you through connecting your vacuum to your Wi-Fi network and pairing it with your phone.
Mapping Your Home
One of the standout features of the best mapping robot vacuum Shark IQ Robot Vacuum is its ability to map your home. Also this function allows the vacuum to remember the layout of your home, optimizing cleaning efficiency. Moreover, To start mapping, select the ‘Map’ function on the app and follow the prompts. The vacuum will begin moving around your house, learning the layout as it goes. This process may take a couple of cleaning cycles to complete, but once done, your vacuum will clean your home more intelligently and efficiently.
Setting a Cleaning Schedule
The Shark-Clean app allows you to schedule cleaning sessions, enabling your Shark IQ Robot Vacuum to clean your home even when you’re not around. To set a schedule, tap on ‘Schedule’ in the app and select the days and times you want your vacuum to clean. You can set different schedules for different rooms or the whole house.
Manual Cleaning
If you need to clean a specific area immediately, use the ‘Clean’ function on the app. You can manually steer your robot to clean specific spots or let it clean your entire house.
Using the Self-Empty Base
The self-empty base is an essential part of the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV1002AE. After a cleaning cycle, the robot returns to the base and automatically empties its dustbin. The base can hold up to 30 days of dirt and debris, reducing the frequency of emptying the vacuum.
Maintaining Your Shark IQ Robot Vacuum
Maintaining your Shark IQ Robot Vacuum is crucial to ensure its optimal performance. Regularly check the brushes and replace them if necessary. The self-cleaning brushroll helps to reduce hair wrap and maintain peak performance. However, you might occasionally need to manually remove any remaining hair or debris.
You will also need to empty the dust bin in the self-empty base periodically. Depending on how often and how much you use your vacuum. The app will notify you when it’s time to empty it.
The best mapping robot vacuum Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV1002AE with XL Self-Empty Base is an intelligent, efficient, and time-saving tool that is perfect for any modern home. It simplifies cleaning and leaves your home spotless with minimal input from you. By setting it up correctly, maintaining it, and making full use of the app, you can ensure that your robot vacuum serves you well for many years. Start using the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum today and experience a new level of cleanliness and convenience.

Cleaning and Maintaining of Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV1002AE

As a proud owner of the best mapping robot vacuum Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV1002AE with XL Self-Empty Base. You know that this isn’t just any ordinary home appliance. It’s a smart machine, a trusty companion designed to keep your living space sparkling clean. But, like any other device, it also needs some tender loving care. This guide will walk you through how to clean and maintain your robotic vacuum to keep it in peak performance for a longer time.
Understanding Your Shark IQ Robot Vacuum:
Before getting into the cleaning and maintenance process, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the components of your vacuum. It includes the brushrolls, side brushes, sensors, dustbin, filter, and the self-empty base. Understanding these parts will make the cleaning and maintenance process a breeze.
Cleaning the Brushrolls:
The brushrolls are like the heart of your vacuum – they do the heavy lifting of picking up dirt from your floor. To clean them:
a. Turn off and unplug your vacuum. b. Flip it over to expose the brushrolls and carefully remove them. c. Use a pair of scissors to cut any hairs or threads entwined around the brushrolls, being careful not to damage the bristles. d. Once freed from debris, use a dry cloth to wipe the brushrolls and then replace them properly.
Cleaning the Side Brushes:
The side brushes sweep dust and dirt from the corners of your rooms. Cleaning them is a simple task:
a. Remove the side brushes by gently pulling them out. b. Clean them using a brush or a soft cloth. c. Make sure to check for wear and tear. If they look worn out, replace them with new ones.
Cleaning the Sensors:
Your Shark IQ robot relies on sensors to navigate your home effectively. If these sensors become dirty, your vacuum may start behaving unusually. To clean them:
a. Locate the sensors – usually found on the underside and front of the vacuum. b. Gently wipe them clean with a soft, dry cloth.
Cleaning the Dustbin:
The dustbin is where all the collected dirt ends up. Empty and clean it regularly to maintain suction power:
a. Push the dustbin release button to remove it from the vacuum. b. Empty the dustbin contents into a garbage bin. c. Wipe the interior and exterior of the dustbin with a dry cloth. d. Make sure the dustbin is completely dry before reinserting it.
Cleaning the Filters:
The filters trap tiny particles, maintaining the vacuum’s efficiency and air quality:
a. Remove the filters from the dustbin. b. 
Also tap them gently to remove loose dust. c. However, For a deeper clean, rinse them under cold water and leave them to air dry for 24 hours before replacing.
Maintaining the Self-Empty Base:
The Self-Empty Base is a remarkable feature of your Shark IQ Robot. It automatically empties the vacuum’s dustbin:
a. Ensure the bag inside the base is not full. If it is, replace it with a new one. b. Occasionally, wipe the exterior with a dry cloth to keep it dust-free.
Regular Maintenance Tips:
Regular maintenance of your Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV1002AE ensures it performs optimally and extends its lifespan.
a. Always turn off and unplug your vacuum before cleaning. b. Do not use water or cleaning solvents on the main unit or electrical parts. c. Check for wear and tear in parts such as the brushes and filters. If they’re worn out, replace them. d. Ensure the sensors are clean and unblocked. e. Empty the dustbin and clean the filters regularly. f. Regularly check the self-empty base and replace the bag when needed.
Your Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV1002AE with XL Self-Empty Base is a significant investment, designed to simplify your life. With proper cleaning and maintenance, it will serve you well for many years. Follow this guide, and your trusty robotic companion will continue to keep your home impeccably clean. Happy vacuuming!

Troubleshooting of Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV1002AE

The best mapping robot vacuum Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV1002AE with XL Self-Empty Base is a cutting-edge home cleaning device. Engineered to simplify your household chores. However, like any advanced piece of technology, it may run into occasional issues. Don’t worry! This comprehensive guide will help you navigate through common problems and troubleshoot your Shark IQ Robot Vacuum efficiently.
The Robot Doesn’t Turn On
The most basic issue that can happen with any electrical device is it refusing to power on. If your Shark IQ Robot Vacuum won’t turn on, start by verifying that the unit is correctly connected to its charging dock. Also make sure you plug the dock itself into a functioning electrical outlet. If it’s not charging, try using a different outlet to rule out any potential issues with the power supply.
If your Shark IQ Robot Vacuum is still not turning on, the battery might be drained or faulty. The battery usually lasts several years, but heavy usage can decrease its lifespan. In such cases, you might need to replace the battery.
The Robot Doesn’t Start Cleaning
Sometimes, you need to power on your Shark IQ Robot Vacuum, but it just won’t start cleaning. If this happens, check whether the dustbin is full. The vacuum won’t operate if it detects that its dustbin is full, so make sure to empty it regularly. However the XL Self-Empty Base is designed to hold up to 30 days of dirt and debris, but if your home generates more dust, you may need to empty it more frequently.
If the dustbin is empty and the vacuum still doesn’t start cleaning, check the schedule settings on the SharkClean app. Make sure that the cleaning schedule is set up properly and that the device is not in the “Do Not Disturb” mode.
The Robot Keeps Getting Stuck
If your Shark IQ Robot Vacuum keeps getting stuck on rugs, cords, or small obstacles, it’s best to ensure your floor is clutter-free before starting a cleaning cycle. In addition Shark IQ uses a navigation system to avoid obstacles, but the system is not perfect. Removing potential obstacles before cleaning can help the robot operate more effectively.
Another possible reason could be that the robot’s wheels or brushes are tangled with hair or other debris. Inspect these parts and clean them if necessary.
The Robot Can’t Find Its Way Back to the Dock
Your Shark IQ Robot Vacuum uses an intelligent navigation system to find its way back to the dock. However, if the dock is placed in a hard-to-reach location, or if there are too many obstacles on the way, the robot may have difficulty returning. Try to place the dock in an open, easily accessible location.
The Robot Doesn’t Connect to Wi-Fi
The Shark IQ Robot Vacuum uses Wi-Fi to connect to your phone for control and scheduling. If you’re having trouble connecting it to your Wi-Fi, check whether other devices can connect to your network. If they can, try resetting your robot vacuum and reconnecting it to the Wi-Fi network.
Such as your other devices are also having trouble connecting, you might be experiencing issues with your Wi-Fi network. You may need to reset your router or contact your internet service provider for assistance.
The Robot Vacuum Doesn’t Clean Effectively
If you’ve noticed that your Shark IQ Robot Vacuum isn’t cleaning as effectively as it used to, there are several things you can do. First, check the dustbin and filter. If they are full or dirty, the vacuum’s suction power might be reduced. Empty the dustbin and clean or replace the filter if necessary.
Next, check the brushes. If they are tangled with hair or debris, they won’t be able to pick up dirt effectively. Clean the brushes regularly to ensure optimal cleaning performance.
Finally, check whether the cleaning mode is set correctly. Also the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum has several different cleaning modes, and some are more effective than others for certain types of dirt or surfaces.
Remember, every device can run into occasional issues, but with patience and a little know-how, you can keep your Shark IQ Robot Vacuum running smoothly. In case these troubleshooting tips don’t solve your problem, it’s best to contact Shark’s customer support for further assistance. They have trained professionals ready to help solve any issues you might have with your robot vacuum.

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Home Mapping & Room Select
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✔✔ ✔✔
Self-Cleaning Brushroll
PowerFins Technology
VACMOP Mode with Sonic Mopping
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High-Efficiency Filters
App & Voice Control


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