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Best vacuum cleaners on a budget The Shark HV371 rocket Pro from the Brand Shark is a smart corded vacuum.  This vacuum can generate strong suction power to do powerful cleaning. It has a 450 W motor to support its powerful suction. The suction power it can generate is 130 W. With this much suction and the cleaning, it provides makes it is a topper in the which vacuum cleaner has the best suction list. Even the powerful suction it has is adjustable on multiple cleaning modes. Through choosing any of the modes you adjust the suction as per the cleaning need.

TO make the machine induce show off its most of the power you just have to click the max mode. This is a stick cordless vacuum. That means It will not weigh much. And that is true. As it has just 10 pounds of weight. Being a corded vacuum it has unlimited of runtime. Because it has to support powerful suction it will cover this much time. But it will be enough to cover the house with its powerful cleaning. Besides, it comes with a Multi-Tasker Power Brush and a Soft-Roller Power Brush to do a deep cleaning on its way.

It can collect pet hair too without the worry of hair tangle. The power it generates isn’t audible. Because the device has a noise reduction system. IT muffles the noise in such a way that it is hard to believe a powerful work is ongoing. To spot every dirt the device comes with LED headlights on. So you can pick up every dirt and debris. The storage for all those wastage is 0.68 liters large. Yes, its dirt compartment can hold this much.


Best vacuum cleaners on a budget, the dirt compartment of the cleaner is easy to empty. So you don’t have to touch the yuck. For filtration, the device uses a HEPA filter. This filter does advanced filtration and traps most of the dust and allergens. Moreover, this device can interestingly convert into a handheld cleaner. For which it provides easy cleaning for many surfaces.  The weight also comes down a lot. Besides, the smart vacuum has a Smart Sensor so that the surfaces get the cleaning they need. The sensors of this best vacuum cleaner for laminate floors smartly adjust its cleaning for the surfaces. Besides, Shark HV371 vacuum cleaner  best budget vacuum cleaner is very popular and help for a family. Also it can make your daily life easy and comfortable. Therefore, Shark HV371 vacuum cleaner reviews are highly reviewed and top rated on Amazon. This item has 4.8 out of 5 rating on Amazon. Its a great one just for you.




Powerful suction

Less noise


Little power loss on carpet.


How to use Shark HV371 Rocket Pro DLX Vacuum cleaner

The best vacuum cleaners on a budget Shark HV371 Rocket Pro DLX Corded Stick Vacuum with removable hand vacuum. It has revolutionized the cleaning routine of countless households. Its unique design and unparalleled functionality promise to bring a whole new level of cleanliness to your home. The guide introduce you to this incredible cleaning tool and guide you through its operation.

Unboxing and Assembly

Once you unbox the Shark HV371 Rocket Pro DLX, you will find several components: the vacuum pod, the floor nozzle, a dusting brush, the wand, and an onboard storage clip. To assemble, first connect the wand to the vacuum pod. Then attach the floor nozzle to the wand’s end. You can attach the dusting brush and the onboard storage clip to the wand for easy access.

Understanding the Vacuum

The Shark HV371 Rocket Pro DLX Corded Stick Vacuum has an impressive set of features. The company design its powerful suction technology and dual brush roll system for deep cleaning on both carpets and hard floors. This versatile cleaning machine also comes with LED lights on the floor nozzle. The vacuum pod to help you spot hidden debris in dark corners and under furniture.

Using the Stick Vacuum

To start using the Shark HV371, plug the power cord into an electrical outlet and press the power button located on the top of the handle. You can choose between two settings: I for bare floors and small area rugs, and II for high pile carpets. Adjust these settings as per your cleaning needs. Always begin cleaning with slow, steady swipes, giving the vacuum time to pick up debris. For hard-to-reach areas like under furniture or high areas like ceilings and light fixtures. You can detach the wand from the floor nozzle and use it as an extended reach cleaner.

Utilizing the Hand Vacuum

One of the biggest advantages of the Shark HV371 is the removable hand vacuum. Also perfect for above-floor cleaning. Simply press the hand vacuum release button to detach it from the wand. You can use this feature to clean furniture, stairs, and even the interior of your car. The dusting brush is perfect for delicate surfaces like blinds and lampshades.

Maintenance Tips

Maintaining the Shark HV371 Rocket Pro DLX is crucial to its performance. You should empty the dust cup after each use. Simply press the dust cup release button, hold it over a trash bin, and press the bottom door release button to empty it. The pre-motor filters should be rinsed monthly under cold water and left to air dry for 24 hours before reinstallation.

The vacuum comes with a washable HEPA filter, which captures 99.97% of particles. You needs to clean it every three months. But remember, it’s not washable like the pre-motor filters. Use the cleaning brush to brush off the debris.

Safety Considerations

It’s important to adhere to safety measures while using the Shark HV371. Avoid picking up large objects, hot or sharp items, or fluids. It’s designed to clean dry debris only. Also, never operate the vacuum without the dust cup and filters in place.

Wrapping Up

The best vacuum cleaners on a budget Shark HV371 Rocket Pro DLX Corded Stick Vacuum with a removable hand vacuum is not just a cleaning device. But a comprehensive solution for your home cleanliness. Its versatility and efficiency set it apart from conventional vacuums. Making your cleaning tasks not just manageable but effortless.

The key to enjoying its maximum benefits lies in understanding its operation and proper maintenance. With consistent care, the Shark HV371 will serve you for years to come, making it a worthwhile investment for any homeowner.

Cleaning and Maintenance of HV371 Rocket Pro DLX Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are essential tools in modern households. Helping us maintain clean and dust-free homes. Among the different types of vacuum cleaners available. the best vacuum cleaners on a budget Shark HV371 Rocket Pro DLX Corded Stick. Removable Hand Vacuum stands out with its unique features and design. While the company design this machine to provide consistent, superior performance. It’s essential to keep it clean and well-maintained to ensure it remains in top-notch condition.

Understanding Your Shark HV371 Rocket Pro DLX

Before you get started with cleaning, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the various parts of your vacuum cleaner. The Shark HV371 Rocket Pro DLX consists of a corded stick for comprehensive cleaning and a removable hand vacuum for quick and easy spot-cleaning.

Dismantling the Vacuum Cleaner

Start by unplugging your vacuum cleaner to ensure safety. Disconnect the hand vacuum from the corded stick by pressing the release buttons. Remove the dust cup from the hand vacuum by pushing the dust cup release button. Next, disassemble the filters – pre-motor and post-motor filters – which are typically located beneath the dust cup.

Cleaning the Dust Cup

Empty the dust cup regularly, ideally after each use. This not only keeps the vacuum working at its best but also prevents dust and allergens from circulating back into your home. To clean it, empty the contents into a garbage bag, then rinse the dust cup with warm water. Ensure that the dust cup is thoroughly dry before reinstalling it.

Cleaning the Filters

The best vacuum cleaners on a budget Shark HV371 Rocket Pro DLX comes with two sets of washable filters – the pre-motor and post-motor filters. Rinse these filters under running water until the water runs clear. Avoid using soap or detergents, as these can damage the filters. After cleaning, let the filters air dry for at least 24 hours before placing them back in the vacuum.

Cleaning the Brushroll

Hair, threads, and other debris can get entangled in the brushroll, affecting its performance. To clean it, remove the brushroll by unlocking the latch. Use scissors or a brushroll cleaning tool to remove any tangled debris. Make sure to check the brushroll bearings as well, cleaning them of any dirt or dust.

Cleaning the Hand Vacuum

User can clean the hand vacuum using a damp cloth. Avoid submerging it in water or using harsh chemicals as it could damage the components. Ensure the hand vacuum is completely dry before using it again.

Inspecting and Replacing Parts When Necessary

Regular maintenance extends the life of your vacuum cleaner. Always inspect parts such as the power cord, filters, and brushroll. If they are damaged or worn out, it’s best to replace them. You can purchase replacement parts from authorized Shark dealers or directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Storing the Vacuum Cleaner

Proper storage is as crucial as cleaning for maintaining your vacuum cleaner. After use, ensure that all parts are dry before storing the vacuum. Store the vacuum in a cool, dry place to prevent any moisture damage.

Professional Servicing

Finally, consider getting your vacuum cleaner professionally serviced once a year. Professional servicing will help detect and fix any potential issues. Ensuring that your vacuum cleaner continues to operate efficiently for many years.

The best vacuum cleaners on a budget Shark HV371 Rocket Pro DLX Corded Stick. Removable Hand Vacuum is a versatile cleaning tool. It requires regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it in top working condition. By following these steps, you can ensure your vacuum cleaner continues to help. You maintain a clean and comfortable living environment. Remember, a well-maintained vacuum cleaner is a reliable partner in home cleanliness.

Troubleshooting of Shark HV371 Rocket Pro DLX Vacuum cleaner

It’s a frustrating scenario that many of us have been through. You’re all set for a swift round of house cleaning when suddenly. Your trusty Shark HV371 Rocket Pro DLX Corded Stick, Removable Hand Vacuum isn’t functioning as it should. Before you resort to calling customer support or potentially expensive repairs, try some of these troubleshooting steps. They’re easy to follow, and many common issues can be resolved with just a little effort.

The Vacuum is Not Turning On

One of the most basic problems one might encounter is that the vacuum cleaner simply does not turn on. To troubleshoot this, follow these steps:

a: Check the Power Source: Make sure that the vacuum cleaner is correctly plugged into a functioning outlet. You can verify the outlet’s functionality by plugging in another device, like a lamp, to see if it works.

b: Examine the Power Cord: Check the power cord for any signs of damage, such as fraying or cuts. A damaged cord can prevent the vacuum from turning on.

c: Inspect the Power Switch: Try switching it on and off a few times. If it feels stuck or unresponsive, the switch might be faulty.

The Vacuum is Not Sucking Up Dirt

If your Shark HV371 Rocket Pro DLX vacuum turns on but fails to pick up dirt, it might be due to a few different issues.

a: Check the Dust Cup: If the dust cup is full, the vacuum’s suction capability decreases. Empty the dust cup and clean it thoroughly.

b: Inspect the Filters: This model comes with several filters, which can become clogged over time and affect the vacuum’s performance. Remove and clean the filters according to the instruction manual.

c: Examine the Brush Roll: If the brush roll is tangled with hair or debris, it can reduce the vacuum’s ability to pick up dirt. Detach the brush roll and clean it carefully.

The Vacuum Loses Suction Power

A vacuum that suddenly loses suction power or whose suction power is significantly reduced may have blockages or airflow issues.

a: Check for Blockages: Start by disconnecting the vacuum from the power supply. Then, check the dust cup, hose, and nozzle for any blockages. If you find any, clear them out.

b: Inspect the Filters: A dirty filter can cause suction loss. Make sure to clean or replace your filters as necessary.

c: Examine the Seals: If the seals on the dust cup or filters are worn out, they might be causing a loss of suction. If this is the case, replace the seals.

The Vacuum is Overheating

If the vacuum is overheating, it will automatically shut down to prevent damage. Here’s how to troubleshoot:

a: Let it Cool Down: If your vacuum overheats, turn it off and unplug it. Let it cool down for at least 45 minutes.

b: Check for Blockages: Once it’s cooled down, check for blockages in the dust cup, filters, and hose. Clear out any debris you find.

c: Inspect the Motor: If there’s no blockage and the problem persists, it might be due to a problem with the motor. In this case, contact Shark’s customer service for help.

The Vacuum Makes Strange Noises

Unusual noises can indicate several issues:

a: Blockages: A high-pitched whining sound often suggests a blockage. Check the dust cup, hose, and nozzle for any debris.

b: Belt Problems: A loud rattling or a grinding noise could mean there’s a problem with the belt that drives the brush roll. Check the belt for any signs of wear or damage.

c: Motor Issues: If you’ve checked everything else and the noise persists, it could be a problem with the motor. If this is the case, it’s time to contact customer service.

Remember, not every issue can be resolved through troubleshooting. If your best vacuum cleaners on a budget Shark HV371 Rocket Pro DLX Corded Stick, Removable Hand Vacuum is still not working properly after trying these steps, it’s time to get in touch with Shark’s customer service or a professional technician. Keep your vacuum’s model number and purchase information handy when you contact them. They’ll likely be able to provide further assistance, including arranging repairs or replacements if necessary.

Nevertheless, regular maintenance like cleaning the dust cup, filters, and brush roll, and checking for blockages can help you avoid many of these issues. Happy vacuuming!


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