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Hamilton Beach 6-Speed mixer is an electric hand mixer. It can be said as the cheap hand mixer with dough hook. Not because it brings a dough hook as an optional attachment hamilton beach hand mixer reviews. Because of it’s quality and power.It has a 250 watts motor. That means the peak power of the device can reach up to 250 watts. For a hand mixer, this power can be used for efficient performance. The power does not cause an imbalance while mixing. As a hand mixer that may be fear. But it is easy to handle.

It has 6 speeds to control mixing tasks. You can adjust the speed as per requirements and buttons will let you quickly shift between the speeds, so any baking recipe will have perfection with this. The kitchen mixer includes some optional accessories to make it versatile. Which includes traditional beaters and a whisk. Both are easy to clean and maintain. The device is easy to maintain too. Even the device includes a snap-on storage case. This case will let you properly store the device. And you can store it anywhere as it is compact in size. It weighs around 1.27 Kilograms only.


There is a built-in groove in the device that acts as a bowl rest feature, which allows you to rest the hand mixer over the bowl while adding ingredients in between the mixing process. This also ensures no drips over the kitchen countertops. Besides,Hamilton Beach hand mixer budget hand mixer is very popular and help for a family.Also it can make your daily life easy and comfortable. Therefore, Hamilton beach hand mixer reviews is highly reviewed and top rated on Amazon. This item have 4.2 rating on Amazon. Its a geat one just for you.


BrandHamilton Beach
Product Dimensions5.7″D x 8.3″W x 9.2″H
Blade MaterialStainless Steel
Special FeatureManual
Controls TypePlastic
Item Weight1.3 Kilograms
Model NameHamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand

Powerful hand mixer

Easy to handle

Easy to handle

Bowl rest feature



Not for thick dough


 Using the Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

The Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer is an excellent kitchen tool designed for both novice cooks and seasoned chefs. Its versatility allows you to whip cream, knead dough, beat eggs, and mix a variety of other ingredients with ease. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to effectively use this practical appliance.

Firstly, ensure that the mixer is unplugged before attaching any accessories. The Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer comes with several attachments, including traditional beaters, a whisk, and dough hooks. To attach a beater or hook, you need to push the accessory into one of the slots until it clicks into place. Do the same with the other slot if you are using two beaters or hooks. For whisk attachment, only one slot needs to be filled.

Once the beaters, hooks, or whisk are securely in place, you can plug in the mixer. Position the mixer over the bowl containing the ingredients you want to mix. Remember, it is essential to ensure the beaters or hooks are immersed in the ingredients before turning the mixer on. This prevents the ingredients from being flung out of the bowl when the mixer starts.

Speed Siting:

Now, it’s time to select a speed. The Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer offers six-speed settings, each suited for different tasks. Speed 1 is ideal for combining dry ingredients or mixing liquids. Speeds 2 and 3 are perfect for mixing light batters or mashing cooked fruits and vegetables. Speeds 4 and 5 are designed for beating or creaming ingredients, such as sugar and butter for cookies. Finally, Speed 6, the fastest, is excellent for whipping cream or egg whites to create fluffy peaks.

You can adjust the speed setting by sliding the speed control switch located at the top of the handle. Start on a slow speed to prevent ingredients from splashing, then gradually increase the speed as the ingredients become more incorporated. To mix, move the mixer in a gentle up and down motion, making sure to reach all parts of the bowl. This ensures all ingredients are evenly incorporated. Keep an eye on your mixture’s consistency. For instance, if you’re whipping cream, you should stop when it holds soft peaks and has a smooth texture.

Once you’ve finished mixing, turn the mixer off and unplug it. To remove the accessories, press the eject button, located on the handle’s top, while holding the mixer over a sink or a bowl. This will cause the beaters, hooks, or whisk to drop out, so be ready to catch them! Cleaning your Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer is as easy as using it. The beaters, whisk, and hooks are dishwasher safe. You can clean the mixer’s body with a damp cloth. Avoid submerging the mixer in water or other liquids to protect the motor.


Store the mixer and its accessories in a safe, dry place until next use. The mixer comes with a snap-on storage case that keeps the mixer and all its attachments together for easy storage and accessibility. Remember, the key to mastering the Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer is practice. As you get more comfortable with each of its features and settings, you’ll discover that this versatile tool can help create countless delightful dishes. Whether you’re making pancakes for breakfast, mashed potatoes for dinner, or cupcakes for a party, this mixer will make the process easier, faster, and more enjoyable.


Cleaning of Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

When it comes to mixing ingredients for your favorite recipes, the Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer is a reliable companion. It’s a versatile and efficient tool, but just like any other kitchen appliance, it needs proper care and maintenance. One of the primary aspects of maintenance is keeping it clean. This guide will walk you through a simple, step-by-step process on how to clean your Hamilton Beach hand mixer.

Materials Needed:

Before we start, gather these items: a soft cloth or sponge, dish soap, warm water, and a dry towel. Remember, it’s important not to use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads as they can damage the appliance.

Step-by-Step Cleaning Process:

Safety First: Always unplug the hand mixer before cleaning to avoid electric shocks. This is a basic safety measure you should always remember.

Detach the Beaters: Press the eject button to release the beaters. The Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer comes with a snap-on storage case that conveniently houses the beaters when not in use. After removing the beaters, put them aside for separate cleaning.

Clean the Beaters: The beaters are typically dishwasher-safe, but they can also be cleaned by hand. To clean manually, soak them in warm soapy water and scrub lightly with a soft cloth or sponge. After washing, rinse them thoroughly and dry with a towel before storing them.

Wipe the Mixer: For the main body of the mixer, dampen your soft cloth or sponge with warm soapy water and wipe the exterior surface. Be careful not to let any water seep into the vent openings or the motor housing as it could cause damage to the mixer. Also, be cautious around the speed control dial and power switch.

Clean the Vent Openings: Over time, flour or other particles may accumulate in the vent openings. To clean these areas, use a small, dry brush or a toothpick. Again, make sure no water gets into these vents.

Dry the Mixer: After you’ve cleaned the entire mixer, it’s time to dry it. Using a dry towel, pat the mixer dry, making sure no water droplets are left. Allow it to air dry completely before storing it away or using it again.

Reassemble: Once everything is dry, reattach the beaters and store the hand mixer in its storage case or a clean, dry place.

Additional Tips:
  • Avoid Immersion: Never immerse the hand mixer in water. It’s an electric device and getting the motor wet could cause it to malfunction, or worse, create a safety hazard.
  • Timely Cleaning: Try to clean your mixer soon after use. This prevents food residue from hardening and becoming more difficult to clean. Plus, it keeps your mixer ready for its next use.
  • Regular Maintenance: Regular cleaning not only keeps your hand mixer in a good working condition, but it also prolongs its life.

Remember, the Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, so following this cleaning process shouldn’t be too difficult. By ensuring your mixer is always clean, you can look forward to many more years of whipping up delicious recipes!


Troubleshooting the Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

The Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer is a handy tool in the kitchen, perfect for blending, whisking, and mixing. However, like any electrical device, it may occasionally encounter some problems. Troubleshooting these issues isn’t as daunting as it seems. In fact, it’s something a seventh grader could handle. This guide will explain how to address common issues with your Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer.

Problem 1: The mixer does not start

This is probably the most common issue. If your mixer doesn’t turn on, it could be due to a few reasons.

First, check the power source. Is the mixer correctly plugged into a working outlet? Try plugging in another device to see if the issue lies with the outlet. If it does, you may need to reset the circuit breaker or replace a fuse.

Second, check if the mixer is locked. Some models have a safety lock feature that prevents the appliance from starting if not correctly positioned. Ensure you’ve locked the beaters into place before switching it on.

Problem 2: The mixer runs inconsistently or changes speeds unexpectedly

Sometimes, the mixer may seem to have a mind of its own, not maintaining a consistent speed or suddenly switching between speeds. This could be a sign that the speed control switch is malfunctioning.

Try turning the dial to each setting and see if the issue persists. If it does, you might need to get the control switch replaced by a professional. It’s also worth noting that the device should not be used on high speed for extended periods, as it could overheat and cause speed inconsistencies.

Problem 3: The beaters do not rotate

If the beaters are not rotating, make sure they’re correctly inserted into the mixer. They should click into place when properly attached.

If the beaters are correctly installed and still not rotating, it could indicate a motor problem. Unfortunately, this isn’t something easily fixed at home, and you may need to seek professional help or consider replacing the mixer.

Problem 4: The mixer is overheating

Overheating is a common issue with many electric appliances. If your mixer becomes excessively hot, it might be working too hard. Avoid using the mixer for extended periods, especially on the highest speed setting.

If it’s overheating during normal use, it could be a sign of an electrical problem. Unplug the mixer immediately and allow it to cool down. If the problem persists, it may need professional servicing.

Problem 5: The mixer makes strange noises

Unusual noises from your mixer could be due to a few reasons. If the noise occurs while inserting or removing the beaters, it could simply be the mechanism clicking into place.

However, if you hear grinding or buzzing sounds during operation, it could indicate a problem with the motor or internal gears. Unfortunately, this is not a problem you can fix at home, and you will need to consult with a professional or the manufacturer.

Troubleshooting your Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer doesn’t have to be complicated. Most of the time, the issues are minor and can be resolved by simple checks or slight adjustments. However, if the problem persists or if it’s a more complex issue like a faulty motor or electrical problem, it’s best to consult with a professional. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry when dealing with electrical appliances.

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6-Speed 250 Watt Electric Hand Mixer with Snap-On Storage Case 6-Speed 275 Watt Electric Hand Mixer with Snap-On Storage Case 6-Speed 275 Watt Electric Hand Mixer with Easy Clean Beaters 3-Speed 150 Watt Electric Hand Mixer with DC Motor
Speeds 6 + Quick Burst 6 + Quick Burst 6 + Quick Burst 3 + Quick Burst
Wattage 250 275 275 150
Attachments Whisk Dough Hook & Whisk Dough Hook, Whisk & Easy Clean Beaters Whisk
Slower First Speed
Snap-on Case
Other Bowl Rest Bowl Rest Bowl Rest Bowl Rest, DC Motor


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