HAUSWIRT Stand Mixer Blue with Blender Bundle


HAUSWIRT Stand Mixer is also a part of consumer reports stand mixer. The device stands as the best in this list because of the massive motor it has. It tries to bring more than Cuisinart for which it has a 550-watt powerful motor. The excellence in mixing this mixer provides can’t be described. For controlling the power it has 8-speed settings. For which you get the option to low stir in this device. You can use low speed, medium speed, and balanced speed to high speed using the speed dialer. It is light in weight as well. It is constructed with stainless steel. So that the power means nothing against its construction. It features a nice color and design too. You will feel good keeping it in the kitchen.


It has a large bowl. It has a 5.3-quart bowl. And interestingly the bowl has stainless steel finishing l too. Its mixing action includes Planetary Professional Mixing which rotates the spinning head 360 degrees. So nothing to worry about it’s mixing. There is 1 splash guard in it and it features Anti-slip Design. Besides, to easily access the bowl it has the Tilt-head Design. To provide versatile mixing it comes with 3 different attachments. Such as a chef’s whisk, dough hook, and beater. The optional attachments of the device are dishwasher safe. Besides, HAUSWIRT Stand Mixer budget stand mixer is very popular and help for a family.Also it can make your daily life easy and comfortable. Therefore, HAUSWIRT Stand Mixer is highly reviewed and top rated on Amazon. This item have 4.2 rating on Amazon. Its a great one just for you.



Useful and attractive design

Large bowl

Tilt-head feature



Not for massive quantities of baked goods


The Ultimate Guide to Using the HAUSWIRT Stand Mixer Model HM7401217

Using a stand mixer can truly revolutionize your kitchen experience, and the HAUSWIRT Stand Mixer Model HM7401217 is a fantastic choice for baking and cooking enthusiasts of all levels. This guide will show you how to use this versatile appliance effectively.

Unboxing your HAUSWIRT Stand Mixer

Upon opening your HAUSWIRT Stand Mixer box, you’ll find several components – the stand mixer unit, a mixing bowl, and a variety of mixing attachments such as a flat beater, a dough hook, and a wire whip. It’s important to keep the user manual handy for any specific instructions.

Setting up your HAUSWIRT Stand Mixer

Start by placing the mixer on a sturdy, flat surface with ample space. Lift the mixer head and place the mixing bowl on the bowl clamping plate, ensuring it’s securely locked into position. Now, you can select the appropriate attachment for your recipe.

Choosing the right attachment

The flat beater is perfect for mixing cake batter, icing, and even mashed potatoes. The dough hook excels at kneading dough for bread, pizza, or pastries. Finally, the wire whip is ideal for incorporating air into mixtures, like whipping cream or beating egg whites.

To attach, push it upwards onto the beater shaft and twist it counter-clockwise until it locks into place. After you’ve finished preparing your recipe, twist the attachment clockwise and pull it down to remove.

Using your HAUSWIRT Stand Mixer

Now you’re ready to start using your mixer. Firstly, make sure the speed control lever is in the OFF position. Then, add your ingredients to the mixing bowl. Lower the mixer head until it clicks into position. Plug the mixer into a suitable power outlet.

The speed control lever allows you to choose the ideal speed for your recipe. Starting on a lower speed prevents ingredients from splattering out of the bowl. Gradually increase the speed as necessary for your recipe.

The HAUSWIRT Stand Mixer model HM7401217 is also equipped with a pulse function. This feature offers short bursts of power to help incorporate ingredients at the start of mixing or to add a final touch at the end.

Cleaning your HAUSWIRT Stand Mixer

After you’ve enjoyed your cooking or baking creation, it’s time to clean up. Unplug the mixer, and ensure the speed control lever is in the OFF position. Lift the mixer head and remove the bowl and the attachment.

The mixing bowl and attachments are dishwasher-safe for convenience. However, the mixer unit should never be submerged in water. Wipe it down with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.

General Safety Tips

Safety is crucial when using any kitchen appliance. Never leave your HAUSWIRT Stand Mixer unattended while in use. Avoid touching moving parts and ensure long hair and loose clothing are kept away from the mixer during operation.

In conclusion, the HAUSWIRT Stand Mixer Model HM7401217 is a powerful, versatile tool that can make food preparation easier and more fun. By understanding its functions and practicing good safety habits, you can get the most out of this fantastic kitchen companion. Happy baking!

How to Clean and Maintain Your HAUSWIRT Stand Mixer Model HM7401217

The HAUSWIRT Stand Mixer Model HM7401217 is a fantastic appliance that can help you bring your culinary creativity to life, from baking sumptuous cakes to kneading dough for delicious homemade bread. Like any kitchen appliance, it needs regular care and maintenance to keep it working efficiently and extend its lifespan. This article will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to properly clean and maintain your HAUSWIRT Stand Mixer.

Before we begin, ensure you have the following items on hand: mild dish soap, warm water, a soft cloth, a toothpick, and a toothbrush. Always remember: safety comes first. Unplug the mixer before starting any cleaning or maintenance procedure.

Step 1: Dismantle the Mixer

Start by removing any attachments such as the dough hook, flat beater, or wire whip. Also, detach the mixing bowl. These parts can have food residue stuck on them, and it’s crucial to clean them after every use.

Step 2: Cleaning the Attachments and Bowl

The dough hook, flat beater, and the bowl of the HAUSWIRT HM7401217 model are dishwasher safe. You can put them in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning. If you choose to wash by hand, use warm water and mild dish soap. Rinse thoroughly and dry each piece before reattaching.

Step 3: Cleaning the Mixer

Wipe the main unit with a soft, slightly damp cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scouring pads as they can scratch the surface. For the crevices and hard-to-reach places like the vent areas and speed control switch, use a toothpick or toothbrush to dislodge any dried or stuck-on food.

Step 4: Dry the Mixer

Thoroughly dry the mixer and all its components before reassembling to prevent any moisture from being trapped, which could lead to rust or damage.

Step 5: Regularly Check the Power Cord

Inspect the power cord regularly for any signs of wear or damage. If the cord is damaged, do not attempt to fix it yourself. Instead, contact HAUSWIRT’s customer service for a replacement or repair.

Maintaining Your HAUSWIRT Stand Mixer

Regular cleaning is a crucial part of maintaining your stand mixer, but there are other steps you can take to keep your mixer in top shape.

Lubricate the Motor

To ensure the smooth operation of your mixer, periodically lubricate the motor with food-grade grease. This process can be complex, so it may be best to consult with a professional or contact HAUSWIRT’s customer service for guidance.

Don’t Overload the Mixer

Always respect the capacity guidelines of your mixer. Overloading can strain the motor and reduce the lifespan of your device. If you’re handling large recipes, it’s better to divide the ingredients and mix in batches.

Store it Properly

When not in use, store your mixer in a cool, dry place. Cover it with a mixer cover to protect it from dust and other particles.

By following these steps, you can ensure your HAUSWIRT Stand Mixer Model HM7401217 stays clean and functional for many years to come. Remember, regular cleaning and maintenance not only extends the life of your mixer but also guarantees your food stays safe and healthy to consume. Happy mixing!


Troubleshooting Guide for the HAUSWIRT Stand Mixer Model HM7401217

When you invest in a kitchen appliance like the HAUSWIRT Stand Mixer model HM7401217, you expect a smooth operation every time you use it. However, there are instances when this mixer might not function as expected. Don’t worry! This troubleshooting guide will walk you through some of the most common issues and how you can resolve them.

The Stand Mixer Won’t Turn On:

If your mixer won’t power on, ensure it is plugged into a functional power outlet. Test the outlet with another device to rule out any problems with the outlet itself. If the mixer is still not turning on, check the power cord for any visible damage. If the cord is damaged, contact HAUSWIRT customer service for assistance.

The Mixer Isn’t Mixing Properly:

If your mixer is running but not effectively combining ingredients, it could be due to an improperly seated bowl or attachment. Confirm that the bowl and the attachment are both correctly locked into position. If the issue persists, check if you’re using the correct attachment for the job and the ingredients are loaded in the appropriate order as recommended by HAUSWIRT.

The Mixer Is Overheating:

Stand mixers can overheat if used continuously for long periods or when mixing very thick dough. If your mixer is overheating, turn it off and unplug it to allow it to cool down. If overheating occurs frequently, you may be overloading the mixer. Try reducing the quantity of dough or reducing the mixing time.

The Mixer Makes Unusual Noises:

Stand mixers usually make some noise, but if you notice a new, unusual noise, there might be an issue. Check to see if the attachments are secure and if the bowl is correctly placed. If the noise continues, it could be a sign of internal issues. In such cases, it is advisable to reach out to HAUSWIRT customer service.

The Mixer’s Speed Is Irregular:

If the mixer’s speed is irregular, it could be an issue with the speed control switch. Try adjusting the switch to different settings. If the problem persists, contact the manufacturer for assistance as this might be a technical issue.

The Mixer Vibrates or Moves on the Counter:

This is often due to the mixer being overloaded or running at high speeds. Try reducing the quantity of the mixture or lowering the speed. If the problem continues, make sure the mixer is placed on a flat, stable surface. If the mixer continues to move, it may need a repair.

The Stand Mixer Stopped in the Middle of Mixing:

This could be a motor protection feature activated to prevent the mixer from overheating. Allow the mixer to cool down before attempting to use it again. If the problem persists, reach out to the manufacturer.

In conclusion, while the HAUSWIRT Stand Mixer model HM7401217 is a reliable and high-performing kitchen tool, like any appliance, it can have occasional issues. These troubleshooting tips should help solve most common problems. If the issue persists after following these steps, please contact HAUSWIRT customer service for further assistance. Remember to always refer to your user manual before attempting any fixes.


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