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When it comes to maintaining a clean, healthy home, choosing the right vacuum cleaner is essential. Today, we’ll be focusing on the Shark SV1106 Navigator Freestyle Upright Bagless Cordless Stick Vacuum for Carpet. Shark cordless pet stick vacuum review a mouthful of a name for a very impressive machine!

Let’s begin by understanding the basics of the Shark SV1106. This vacuum cleaner is designed by SharkNinja. A company known worldwide for its innovative and high-quality cleaning solutions. The Shark SV1106 is a cordless stick vacuum. Giving it an edge in flexibility and maneuverability over many traditional vacuum cleaners.


Now, let’s delve into the key features and benefits of the Shark SV1106. It has become a popular choice among many homeowners.

Cordless Design: The cordless design of the Shark SV1106. It means no more worrying about unplugging and re-plugging your vacuum cleaner. It allows you to move freely from one room to another, even up and down the stairs, without any hassle.

Powerful Suction: With its strong suction capability, the Shark SV1106 can effectively pick up dirt, dust, pet hair. Also pick up other debris from your carpet. It does a thorough job, leaving your carpet looking clean and fresh.

Two-Speed Brushroll: One of the standout features of the Shark SV1106 is its two-speed brushroll. This feature allows you to easily switch between carpet and bare floor cleaning modes. Making it a versatile tool that can handle different types of flooring in your home.

Swivel Steering: The Shark SV1106 also offers advanced swivel steering. This feature makes it easier to navigate around furniture and other obstacles. Providing an efficient cleaning experience.

Bagless Design: Being bagless, the Shark SV1106 eliminates the need for replacement bags. This not only reduces ongoing costs but also makes it easier to empty the dust cup.

Extended Run Time: The Shark SV1106 comes with a rechargeable battery. This feature offers an extended run time. Allowing you to clean larger areas without needing to recharge.

Easy to Maintain: Finally, maintaining the Shark SV1106 is simple. The dust cup is easy to empty, and the filters are washable, which helps prolong their lifespan.

In Addition:

But no product is without its limitations, and the Shark SV1106 is no exception. A few things to keep in mind include the need to regularly clean the filter for optimal performance. The vacuum might not stand on its own due to its lightweight design. However, the pros far outweigh these minor inconveniences.

The Shark SV1106 is a popular choice among pet owners. Thanks to its powerful suction and two-speed brushroll. It’s excellent at picking up pet hair from carpets. Additionally, it’s light enough to carry around the house. You can fit under most furniture. Making it an effective tool for reaching those pet hairs that have made their way into hard-to-reach places.

But what about households without pets? Well, shark cordless pet stick vacuum review the Shark SV1106 shines there too. Whether you’ve got children who are prone to making a mess. You just want to maintain a spotless environment. The Shark SV1106 is more than capable. Its strong suction and long-lasting battery make it an excellent choice for busy households.

The Shark SV1106 Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum is a versatile and efficient cleaning tool. Its cordless and bagless design, powerful suction, two-speed brushroll and swivel steering make it a user-friendly and highly effective vacuum cleaner. Especially for carpet cleaning.

Whether you are a pet owner dealing with fur on your carpet, a busy parent trying to maintain cleanliness. Simply someone who loves a spotless home, the Shark SV1106 could be the perfect vacuum cleaner for you. While it has a few minor limitations, its benefits and overall performance far outweigh these, making it a worthy investment for any home.



Powerful suction


LED Headlights



Hard to clean large debris

How to use Shark SV1106 Navigator Cordless Stick Vacuum?

Do you dream of effortlessly gliding over your carpets, eliminating dust, dirt, and allergens with ease? If so, the shark cordless pet stick vacuum review, Shark SV1106 Navigator Freestyle Upright Bagless Cordless Stick Vacuum is the right tool for you. This lightweight, yet powerful vacuum makes cleaning carpeted floors a breeze. Below, we will guide you through the proper usage of this vacuum, ensuring that your carpets remain in pristine condition.
1. Understand the Design:
The Shark SV1106 Navigator is a cordless stick vacuum cleaner, known for its lightweight design and ease of use. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners that come with bags to collect dirt and debris, the Shark SV1106 is bagless. The vacuum boasts of a robust motor, swivel steering for superior control, and a two-speed brushroll optimized for both carpet and bare floor cleaning.
2. Assembling Your Vacuum:
This vacuum comes mostly pre-assembled. To begin, insert the metal wand into the vacuum body until you hear a click. The power handle then attaches to the top of the wand. Once you assemble the vacuum, you’re ready to start cleaning!
3. Charging Your Vacuum:
The Shark SV1106 comes with a charging base. Plug the charging base into an electrical outlet and place the vacuum on the base to charge. It takes approximately 4-7 hours for the vacuum to reach a full charge. A solid blue light will indicate that your vacuum is fully charged and ready for use.
4. Using Your Vacuum:
To start, slide the power switch to either the ‘Bare Floor’ or ‘Carpet’ setting. When cleaning carpets, make sure you select the ‘Carpet’ setting as it activates the high-speed brushroll. It is perfect for pulling out dirt from within your carpet fibers.
The vacuum has a swivel steering feature, which makes it easy to maneuver around furniture and obstacles. You don’t need to apply much pressure – simply guide the vacuum along your carpet.
5. Effective Cleaning Techniques:
For best results, start vacuuming from one corner of your room and work your way towards the other end. You should make slow, even passes over your carpet, allowing the vacuum time to lift out the dirt and dust.
Make sure to cover all areas of your carpet, including those hard-to-reach places like corners and under furniture. The Shark SV1106 has a low-profile design that makes it easier to reach those spots.
6. Maintaining Your Vacuum:
Regular maintenance of your Shark SV1106 vacuum is crucial to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. Make sure to empty the dust cup after each use or once it’s filled to the ‘Max Fill’ line. Simply press the release button located near the dust cup handle to detach it from the vacuum body, then empty it into a garbage bin.
The vacuum’s filter should also be cleaned periodically. Rinely under warm water and allow it to air dry for at least 24 hours before replacing it.
Lastly, make sure to inspect the brushroll frequently and remove any entangled hair or debris to prevent blockage.
7. Safety Measures:
Like any electrical device, it’s important to handle the Shark SV1106 vacuum with care. Do not use the vacuum on wet surfaces or near water, as this could damage the vacuum and pose a safety risk. Also, ensure the vacuum is off and disconnected from the charging base when not in use.
The Shark SV1106 Cordless Stick Vacuum is a versatile and effective tool for maintaining clean, dust-free carpets. By using the device correctly and ensuring it is well-maintained. You can extend the lifespan of the vacuum and keep your carpets in impeccable condition.
Remember, a clean home is a happy home, and the shark cordless pet stick vacuum review, Shark SV1106 vacuum is your trusty companion in achieving this. Happy cleaning!

Cleaning and Maintaining of Shark SV1106 Navigator Cordless Stick Vacuum

The shark cordless pet stick vacuum review, Shark SV1106 Navigator Cordless Stick Vacuum for Carpet is a phenomenal tool. It takes the effort out of cleaning. Known for its reliable performance and advanced features. it’s no wonder that this cordless vacuum cleaner is a popular choice among households. However, to ensure your vacuum’s longevity and maintain optimal performance, you need to clean and take care of it regularly. Here is an easy-to-follow guide that will help you do exactly that.
Understand Your Vacuum Cleaner
Before you start cleaning, it’s essential to understand the key components of your Shark SV1106. This vacuum cleaner consists of a detachable dust cup, a pre-motor filter, a post-motor filter, a motorized brush roll and a charging base. Each part has a specific role in the functioning of the vacuum and requires special attention while cleaning. Refer to your user manual to get familiar with each component’s location.
Emptying and Cleaning the Dust Cup
After each use, you should empty the dust cup to avoid accumulation of dirt and debris that could compromise the vacuum’s suction ability. To empty the dust cup, press the dust cup release button, hold the dust cup over a garbage bin, and empty the contents. For a thorough clean, rinse the dust cup under lukewarm water and let it air dry for 24 hours. Make sure the dust cup is completely dry before reattaching it to the vacuum cleaner to prevent damage to the motor.
Cleaning the Filters
The Shark SV1106 has two filters – a pre-motor filter and a post-motor filter. The pre-motor filter should be cleaned once a month under normal usage. Whereas the post-motor filter requires cleaning every nine months. To clean the filters, first remove them from the vacuum. Rinse them under lukewarm water and gently squeeze out excess water. Allow them to air dry completely for 24 hours before reinserting them. Never run the vacuum without the filters as it can lead to motor damage.
Maintaining the Brush Roll
The motorized brush roll is a critical part of your Shark SV1106 as it loosens and lifts dirt from your carpets. Over time, hair and threads can become entangled in the brush roll, affecting its efficiency. To clean the brush roll, you can use a pair of scissors or a seam ripper to carefully cut away any tangled hair or threads. Ensure that the brush roll spins freely after cleaning.
Taking Care of the Battery
Your Shark SV1106 is powered by a rechargeable battery. To maximize its lifespan, avoid leaving the vacuum on the charger for extended periods after it’s fully charged. Also, if you’re not using the vacuum for a long time, store it in a cool and dry place to protect the battery from damage.
Overall Unit Cleaning
After each use, wipe the exterior of the vacuum cleaner with a dry, soft cloth to keep it dust-free. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners as they can damage the surface of your vacuum cleaner.
Professional Servicing
While regular cleaning can keep your Shark SV1106 in good shape, it’s recommended to have it professionally serviced every 12-18 months. This ensures that any internal issues are identified and rectified promptly, maintaining the vacuum’s performance and longevity.
To sum up, taking care of your Shark SV1106 Navigator Freestyle Upright Bagless Cordless Stick Vacuum for Carpet is not a difficult task. Regular cleaning and maintenance will not only help you preserve its life but also ensure that it operates at its peak performance. Remember, the key is consistency. With proper care, your vacuum cleaner will continue to keep your home clean and dust-free for years to come.

Troubleshooting the Shark SV1106 Navigator Cordless Stick Vacuum

In order to maximize its performance and longevity, your shark cordless pet stick vacuum review, Shark SV1106 Navigator Freestyle Upright Bagless Cordless Stick Vacuum for Carpet may occasionally require troubleshooting. This user-friendly guide will take you step-by-step through several common issues and their solutions. Let’s dive into the details of diagnosing and fixing problems with your vacuum cleaner.
Vacuum Cleaner Doesn’t Turn On
When your Shark SV1106 fails to turn on, check whether the vacuum is charged. If it’s not charged, plug in the adapter to a working power outlet and connect it to the vacuum. After charging for 3-4 hours, the vacuum should be ready to go. If it still doesn’t turn on, try plugging the charger into a different outlet to rule out a faulty socket.
If the problem persists, it’s possible that the battery has worn out and needs replacement. In this case, you need to contact the Shark customer service for a replacement, or a certified technician to replace the battery.
Poor Suction or No Suction
One of the most common issues with vacuums is a loss of suction. Firstly, check if the dust cup is full. If it is, empty it and try using the vacuum again. If the dust cup was not the issue, inspect the filters. They should be cleaned every three months and replaced every 9-12 months to maintain optimal performance.
The Shark SV1106 comes with two filters, one pre-motor and one post-motor. To clean them, remove the filters, tap them gently to remove loose dust, then rinse under cold water. Let them air dry completely before putting them back. Never put wet filters back into the vacuum as it can damage the motor.
Lastly, check the brush roll for any obstructions like hair or string. If the roll is not spinning freely, remove the obstruction and test the vacuum again.
Vacuum Not Picking Up Dirt
Sometimes, you might find that the vacuum is not picking up dirt as expected. This could be due to several reasons. Check the dust cup and ensure it is not full. If the dust cup is full, it will not be able to accommodate more dirt and debris.
Ensure the filters are clean as described above, because dirty filters can reduce the suction power of the vacuum. Lastly, check the brush roll. If it’s not spinning correctly, it won’t be able to pick up the dirt.
Vacuum Cleaner Doesn’t Charge
If your vacuum cleaner doesn’t charge, the issue might be with the charger or the battery. Make sure you’re using the original charger that came with the vacuum. If you’re using a different charger, it might not provide the correct voltage and current for your vacuum.
Such as you’re using the correct charger but it’s still not charging, try plugging it into a different power outlet. If the issue persists, the problem might be with the battery. Over time, rechargeable batteries wear out and may need replacement. Contact Shark customer service or a certified technician for battery replacement.
Unusual Noise While Operating
If your Shark SV1106 is making unusual noise, it could be due to a clogged brush roll or a motor issue. Check the brush roll and remove any debris or obstructions. If the brush roll is clear and the noise persists, the issue could be with the motor. This is a more serious problem and it is advisable to contact Shark customer service or a certified technician for a thorough inspection.
The Shark SV1106 Navigator Freestyle Upright Bagless Cordless Stick Vacuum is a high-quality vacuum that can serve you well for many years. However, like any appliance, it may require occasional troubleshooting and maintenance. By taking the steps outlined in this guide, you can solve many of the most common issues and keep your vacuum running smoothly.
Always remember to consult your user manual for more specific instructions related to your vacuum model, and when in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact Shark customer service for assistance. Maintenance is key to the longevity of your vacuum cleaner, so take care of it, and it will take care of your carpets!


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