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3.2 liter! Yes, you are reading shark self cleaning brushroll review the right Shark ZU62 Navigator has 3.2 liters of the Dust cup. We don’t think our today’s review has any other vacuum with this much big tummy. Clean your house as long as you can. You don’t have to worry about dumping for a long time. To make this vacuum a big eater manufacturer had to add some weight. But not to worry. To handle the weight manufacturer included Advanced Swivel Steering in it. That means you will get incredible maneuverability from it even though the weight.

Moreover, the suction power is on the amazing side too. No matter how stubborn the dirt or debris is the device will make sure to capture every one of them. The brush roll also helps in precise cleaning. shark self cleaning brushroll can also clean itself so that no debris or hair gets stuck on it. Like other best shark vacuum for laminate floors and carpets. This cleaning device has Anti-allergen complete seal technology. Which has the post-motor filter HEPA filter as well. So hold the waste as much longer as you want. Don’t worry about allergens and odors.


Shark self cleaning brushroll review is an upright vacuum. Also this means it can offer you cleaning of top surfaces. But how much it can reach of the top? Well, it has 11.8 feet of hose. Mind-blowing right! Everything you see in this best shark vacuum for laminate floors and carpet is like extra extra. The cord length is also amazing. shark self cleaning can cover 25 feet area of a room. Apart from this, this device comes with a Crevice Tool for reaching edges, gaps, and narrow areas for cleaning.

Shark self cleaning brushroll also features an Upholstery Tool. Besides, Shark ZU561  vacuum cleaner  best budget vacuum cleaner is very popular and help for a family. Also it can make your daily life easy and comfortable. Therefore, Shark ZU561 vacuum cleaner reviews are highly reviewed and top rated on Amazon. This item has 5 out of 5 rating on Amazon. Its a great one just for you.



Great suction

Long hose

Large dust compartment



Get the largest dust compartment sacrificing a little weight


How to use Shark ZU62 Navigator Zero-M Self-Cleaning Vacuum?

With its sleek design, powerful suction, and advanced features. The Shark ZU62 Navigator Vacuum is a reliable partner in your cleaning routine. This versatile vacuum helps you maintain cleanliness in your house effortlessly. Let’s dig deeper into how to make the most of this appliance.
Unboxing and Assembly
On purchasing your Shark ZU62 Navigator, you’ll find it packed with various parts. Assembling the unit is straightforward. Start by taking out all the pieces. Like the vacuum base, the handle, the hose. And additional attachments including the upholstery tool, crevice tool and pet power brush.
Assemble the vacuum by first attaching the handle to the vacuum base. Push it until you hear a click, indicating it’s secured. Next, fix the hose into the corresponding slots on the vacuum’s base and handle. Then, you can attach the desired tool to the end of the hose or handle, depending on your cleaning needs. The assembly is now complete, and your Shark ZU62 Navigator is ready to power clean your home!
Understanding the Vacuum Settings
This model has different settings to tackle various surfaces. It’s important to understand these for efficient cleaning.
Bare Floor setting: This setting is ideal for hard surfaces like hardwood floors, tiles, or laminate.
Low Pile setting: Use this on surfaces like short-pile carpets or area rugs.
Thick Carpet/Area Rug setting: This is perfect for high-pile carpets and fluffy rugs.
Changing the settings is easy, simply rotate the Surface Selector Dial to the desired setting. Remember, the right setting ensures better cleaning and protects your floor surfaces from damage.
Using Your Vacuum
To start using your vacuum, plug it into an electric outlet. Then, step on the red power switch at the bottom of the vacuum to turn it on. Choose the right setting as discussed earlier. Hold the handle and start vacuuming your house in back and forth motion.
The Shark ZU62 Navigator comes with advanced swivel steering. Making it effortless to maneuver around furniture and other obstacles. Don’t rush the process; slow and steady movements allow the vacuum to pick up more dust and dirt.
For above-floor cleaning like curtains, shelves, or ceiling corners, detach the hose and attach the desired tool. The crevice tool is excellent for corners and tight spaces, while the upholstery tool is best for fabric surfaces.
Utilizing the Zero-M Self-Cleaning Brushroll
What sets the Shark ZU62 Navigator apart is its Zero-M Self-Cleaning Brushroll. The company design this technology to remove pet hair and long hair from the brushroll as you vacuum. It means no more hair wrap, making the vacuum maintenance easier, especially for pet owners. Simply vacuum as usual, and the self-cleaning brushroll will take care of the rest.
Using the Pet Power Brush
This model comes with a specialized pet power brush, ideal for pet owners. Attach this tool to the hose when you want to clean furniture, stairs, or any areas where your pets frequent. It’s perfect for removing embedded pet hair and dirt, ensuring a cleaner home for you and your furry friends.
Maintenance and Cleaning
Regular maintenance keeps your Shark ZU62 Navigator functioning optimally.
Firstly, the dust cup. You’ll find the dust cup release buttons near the handle. Press the buttons to detach the dust cup, then hold it over a trash bin and press the bottom door release button to empty it. Make sure to clean the dust cup regularly to ensure strong suction.
Secondly, filters. Your Shark vacuum comes with two pre-motor filters and one post-motor filter. You should clean these once a month. To clean the pre-motor filters, remove them from the top of the dust cup, rinse with water, and let them air dry for 24 hours before reinserting. The post-motor filter is located at the vacuum’s front; you can clean it tapping off the dust.
Lastly, the brushroll. Although it’s self-cleaning, if you notice decreased performance, it might need manual cleaning. To do this, turn off and unplug your vacuum, then remove any visible debris tangled in the brushroll.
Cleaning your home should be a task you’re prepared for, not one that you dread. With the Shark ZU62 Navigator Zero-M Self-Cleaning Vacuum, you’ll find that this household chore becomes an easy part of your daily routine. Its advanced features, designed with you and your pet in mind. It will leave your house looking sparkling clean. Remember, with the right care and maintenance, your vacuum will provide you with many years of efficient, reliable service.

Cleaning and Maintaining of Shark ZU62 Navigator Vacuum

Shark self cleaning brushroll review, Shark ZU62 vacuum cleaner is a powerful tool but like any other equipment. It requires regular cleaning and maintenance for optimum performance. In this article, we will delve into a step-by-step process of how to clean and maintain this particular vacuum cleaner. Helping you keep your house clean for years to come.
Step 1: Safety First
Before embarking on any cleaning or maintenance task, ensure that you unplug the vacuum cleaner from the power outlet. This basic step is essential for your safety. As you will be dealing with parts that could potentially cause harm if the vacuum were to be accidentally turned on.
Step 2: Dust Cup Cleaning
The Shark ZU62 Navigator features an XL dust cup that can hold a large amount of debris. Over time, this dust cup can accumulate dust and other particles which may hinder the vacuum’s performance. To clean it, press the dust cup release button and pull the dust cup away from the vacuum. Empty the contents into a trash bin, then wash the dust cup with warm water. Ensure it is thoroughly dry before reattaching to prevent moisture from damaging the vacuum.
Step 3: Cleaning the Filters
This vacuum cleaner uses multiple filters that trap tiny particles from the air. These include pre-motor and post-motor filters. For the pre-motor filters, lift the latch next to the dust cup to expose the filters. Remove them and rinse under cold water until the water runs clear. For the post-motor filter, located at the vacuum’s base, press the latch and pull the grill away. Rinse the filter under cold water and let it air dry for 24 hours. Always ensure the filters are completely dry before reinstalling to avoid damaging the vacuum’s motor.
Step 4: Brushroll Maintenance
One of the significant features of the Shark ZU62 Navigator is its self-cleaning brushroll, which is excellent for pet hair removal. However, large debris or long hair can sometimes wrap around the brushroll. To clean it, locate the brushroll access on the vacuum’s base, use a coin to turn the access lock, then pull the brushroll out. Remove any entangled debris or hair using scissors or a brush. When done, reinsert the brushroll and secure it by turning the lock.
Step 5: Cleaning the Hose and Accessories
Detach the hose and accessories from the vacuum cleaner. Clean them by running water through the hose and wiping the accessories with a damp cloth. Let them air dry completely before reattaching them to the vacuum.
Maintenance Tips
Aside from the regular cleaning, proper maintenance of shark self cleaning brushroll review, your Shark ZU62 Navigator is key to prolonging its lifespan and ensuring it performs optimally.
1. Regular Check-Ups: Routinely check all the vacuum’s parts for any signs of damage. If you find any broken or malfunctioning parts, contact Shark’s customer service for replacement parts.
2. Avoid Overfilling the Dust Cup: Never let the dust cup get too full. An overly full dust cup can limit the vacuum’s suction ability and potentially damage the motor.
3. Store Properly: After each use, wind the power cord neatly, empty the dust cup, and store the vacuum in a dry, clean place.
4. Replace Filters Periodically: Even with regular cleaning, filters will need replacing over time. You should replace the pre-motor filters every 2-3 months and the post-motor filter once a year.
Cleaning and maintaining shark self cleaning brushroll review, the Shark ZU62 Navigator Zero-M Self-Cleaning Brushroll Pet Pro Upright Vacuum is relatively easy and crucial for the device’s longevity. Through regular cleaning and maintenance, you can ensure that your Shark vacuum remains a reliable partner in maintaining a clean and healthy living space. Remember, a clean vacuum leads to a clean home!

Troubleshooting of Shark ZU62 Navigator Vacuum

Shark self cleaning brushroll review, A vacuum cleaner is a handy tool for every home, making cleaning easier, more efficient, and a lot quicker. Among the popular choices in the market is the Shark ZU62 Navigator Zero-M Self-Cleaning Brushroll Pet Pro Upright Vacuum. It’s a reliable model, but like any appliance, you might encounter some challenges that require troubleshooting. Let’s dive into the common problems you may face with the Shark ZU62 and how to address them.
1. No Power or The Vacuum Won’t Start
If your Shark ZU62 vacuum cleaner isn’t starting, it may be due to a simple power issue. Make sure the vacuum is plugged into a working electrical outlet. Test the outlet with another device to confirm its functionality. Check if the power cord is damaged; if it has visible tears or fraying, it might need replacing. If your vacuum has a power switch, make sure it’s turned on. If none of these are the issue, the vacuum may have overheated and automatically switched off. Allow it to cool down for at least 45 minutes, then try to turn it on again.
2. Decreased Suction Power
A significant decrease in suction power can be caused by several factors. Firstly, check the dust cup. If it is full, the vacuum’s efficiency will decrease. Empty the dust cup and clean the filters, which may improve suction. Secondly, check the hose for blockages. Disconnect the hose from both ends, and inspect it. If there’s a blockage, use a long, narrow object to remove it. Lastly, check the brushroll. If it’s clogged with debris, clean it thoroughly to ensure smooth operation.
3. The Vacuum is Not Picking Up Dirt
If your Shark ZU62 vacuum is not picking up dirt, it might be due to a full dust cup, clogged filters, or a blocked brushroll. Empty the dust cup, clean the filters, and clear the brushroll of any debris. If the problem persists, the vacuum might have a broken belt that needs replacing.
4. The Vacuum is Leaving Dirt Behind
If your vacuum is leaving behind dirt, it could be due to incorrect height settings. For optimal cleaning, adjust the height setting based on the surface you’re cleaning. For example, use a higher setting for thick carpets and a lower one for hard floors. Also, check if the dust cup is full or if the filters are dirty, as these can also cause the vacuum to leave behind dirt.
5. Unusual Noises
If your Shark ZU62 vacuum is making unusual noises, it might be due to a blockage, a full dust cup, or a problem with the motor. Inspect the vacuum for blockages in the hose, dust cup, or brushroll. If the noise persists after removing the blockages and emptying the dust cup, the motor might be faulty. In such a case, contact Shark customer service for assistance.
6. Overheating Issues
If your vacuum overheats, it will automatically shut down to prevent damage. Overheating can be caused by a full dust cup, blocked filters, or a clogged brushroll. Therefore, empty the dust cup, clean the filters, and clear the brushroll of any debris. Make sure the vacuum has sufficient airflow during operation, and avoid using it continuously for extended periods.
7. The Self-Cleaning Brushroll is Not Working
If the self-cleaning brushroll is not working, it might be due to a blockage. Check the brushroll for any tangled hair or debris and remove them. Make sure the brushroll is correctly installed. If the problem persists, contact Shark customer service for further assistance.
Remember, regular maintenance is key to ensuring the longevity and functionality of your Shark ZU62 vacuum cleaner. Always unplug the vacuum before troubleshooting to avoid any electrical accidents. Read the user manual for specific instructions and details on proper handling. If you’re unable to resolve the problem yourself, don’t hesitate to contact Shark’s customer service. They are trained to help diagnose and solve any problems with your vacuum cleaner.
Maintaining a clean, comfortable home shouldn’t be a daunting task. With the right troubleshooting techniques, you can ensure your Shark ZU62 Navigator Zero-M Self-Cleaning Brushroll Pet Pro Upright Vacuum is always ready to handle any mess. Happy cleaning!


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