Sunbeam Stand Mixer Vintage


Sunbeam MixMaster Stand Mixer is a device of stainless steel construction. Sunbeam stand mixer vintage construction is provided to not only make it durable but also add strength to manage its 350-watt motor. Yes, it can generate 350 watts of power. The power level is intelligently distributed among 12 variable speeds in this device. From low stir to fast whip it can cover any mixing speed. This speed setting also provides versatility to this device. Also, it includes Soft-Start Technology. That means it will not suddenly generate a huge power that it gets out of control. It will be manageable and minimize unnecessary splatters. Fun fact your face will not get covered with flour puff as of this technology.

Besides, it features Non-Skid rubber feet to maintain stability. So you will not have any complaints while mixing in it. And it also has a Tilt-locking head included so that you get easy bowl access. And you know how useful this feature is.


this device has a one-button simple attachment removal system. So whatever you attach is easily detachable. The accessories of sunbeam stand mixer vintage brings with it are whisks, dough hooks, and chrome beaters. And most importantly it had 2 glass bowls. One has  2 quarts of capacity and the other has 4 quarts. However, the length of the cord of this amazing product of savory KitchenAid mixer recipes is 30 inches. Besides, Sunbeam MixMaster budget stand mixer is very popular and help for a small family.Also it can make your daily life easy and comfortable. Therefore, Sunbeam MixMaster is highly reviewed and top rated on Amazon. This item have 4.2 rating on Amazon. Its a great one just for you.



Soft start technology

Nonskid rubber

KitchenAid bowls

Long cord


No lock to hold spinning


Using the Sunbeam MixMaster 350 Watt

The Sunbeam MixMaster 350 Watt is a fantastic kitchen appliance. Designed to make your baking and cooking experiences more enjoyable. As a powerful mixer, it can be used for various purposes, including kneading dough, beating eggs, whipping cream, and mixing cake batter. However, as with any kitchen appliance, it’s essential to understand how to use it effectively and safely. Let’s explore the various steps involved in using the Sunbeam MixMaster 350 Watt.

Unboxing the MixMaster:

When you first open your Sunbeam MixMaster, you will find the main stand mixer, the beaters, the dough hooks, and a glass bowl. Ensure that all these components are present before you proceed. If any part is missing, contact the customer service of Sunbeam.

Understanding Your MixMaster:

The MixMaster features a 350-watt motor that ensures adequate power for almost any baking task. It comes with 12 variable speeds that can be adjusted according to the recipe requirements. The tilt-locking head design allows easy access to the bowl. While the burst-of-power function ensures extra mixing power for stubborn ingredients.

Setting up Your MixMaster:

Before using your MixMaster, wash the beaters, dough hooks, and the glass bowl in warm soapy water. Rinse them thoroughly and dry them. Ensure your MixMaster is unplugged while doing this. After cleaning, place the bowl onto the base of the mixer, ensuring it’s secure. Depending on your recipe, attach either the beaters or dough hooks by pushing them into the slots until they click into place.

Using Your MixMaster:

Plug the MixMaster into an appropriate power outlet. Add the ingredients to the bowl. It’s always a good idea to start with the dry ingredients first to prevent them from flying out of the bowl when mixing begins. Lower the head of the MixMaster and turn the speed dial to select the desired speed setting.

If you’re not sure which speed to use, refer to the user manual provided with the MixMaster. For instance, low speeds are typically used for stirring and combining dry ingredients. While higher speeds are suitable for whipping cream or beating egg whites. For ingredients that need extra power, use the burst-of-power function.

Cleaning Your MixMaster:

Once you’ve finished mixing, unplug the MixMaster, lift the head and remove the beaters or dough hooks. These can be washed in warm soapy water or placed in the dishwasher, if they are dishwasher-safe. Wipe down the MixMaster with a damp cloth, but be careful not to submerge the mixer in water.

Safety Precautions:

Never leave the MixMaster unattended when it’s operating. Avoid touching the beaters or dough hooks when the mixer is in use. Don’t use the mixer for more than 10 minutes continuously as it may overheat.

Using your Sunbeam MixMaster 350 Watt should be a fun and enjoyable part of your baking routine. This guide provides you with the basic knowledge needed to get started. Remember, the more you use it, the more comfortable you’ll become. Happy mixing!

Final Thoughts: The Sunbeam MixMaster 350 Watt is a versatile and powerful mixer that makes baking easier and more enjoyable. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced baker. Understanding how to use and care for this mixer will enhance its performance and longevity. Following the above steps and safety precautions will ensure that you have a positive baking experience with your Sunbeam MixMaster.


Cleaning and Maintaining Your Sunbeam MixMaster 350 Watt

The Sunbeam MixMaster 350 Watt is an exceptional kitchen appliance that plays a vital role in every home cooking routine. From beating eggs to kneading dough, this handy mixer makes cooking and baking easier and fun. However, to ensure its durability and optimum performance. Proper cleaning and maintenance is crucial. In this guide, you’ll learn step-by-step instructions on how to clean and maintain your Sunbeam MixMaster 350 Watt.

Cleaning Your Sunbeam MixMaster:

Unplug the Mixer: Safety comes first. Always unplug your Sunbeam MixMaster before you start cleaning. This prevents accidental startups and protects you from potential electric shocks.

Remove the Attachments:

Next, take off the beaters, dough hooks, or any other attachments that your mixer has. Most models of the Sunbeam MixMaster allow easy removal by simply pressing a button or lever.

Clean the Attachments:

Wash the attachments with warm soapy water. A soft sponge or cloth can be used to gently scrub off any stubborn food residues. Once clean, rinse them thoroughly and let them air dry before storing or reattaching them.

Wipe Down the Mixer:

Using a slightly damp cloth, wipe the mixer’s body, including the speed controls and power cord. Ensure not to let water seep into any openings to avoid damage to the motor or electrical components.

Clean the Mixing Bowl:

If your Sunbeam MixMaster comes with a stainless-steel mixing bowl. Wash it with warm soapy water and dry it completely before storing.

Maintaining Your Sunbeam MixMaster:

Regular Cleaning:

Regular cleaning after each use is the most straightforward way to maintain your Sunbeam MixMaster. This prevents build-up of dried food particles that can potentially hamper the mixer’s performance over time.

Store Properly:

Store your mixer in a dry, clean place when not in use. Moisture and dust can lead to rust and other damages. Also, avoid wrapping the power cord tightly around the mixer as it can cause the wires inside to break or fray.

Inspect Regularly:

Make it a habit to inspect your mixer regularly. Check the power cord for any signs of damage or fraying. Also, ensure that the beaters or dough hooks are not bent or rusted.

Lubricate Occasionally:

The gears in your mixer may need occasional lubrication to run smoothly. Refer to your owner’s manual for specific instructions and the type of lubricant to use. Remember, only lubricate if you are confident in doing so; otherwise, seek professional assistance.

Professional Servicing:

If your mixer starts making unusual noises or seems to be struggling, it may be time to have it professionally serviced. Contact a Sunbeam service center for assistance.

With these tips, you can extend the life of your Sunbeam MixMaster 350 Watt and ensure it remains a reliable companion in your kitchen. Remember, the key to a long-lasting mixer is regular cleaning, proper storage, and timely maintenance. It’s not just about preserving an appliance. It’s about enjoying the culinary journeys that your Sunbeam MixMaster makes possible. Happy baking!



Troubleshooting your Sunbeam MixMaster

When baking your favorite cakes or preparing mouthwatering cookies, the Sunbeam MixMaster 350 Watt is an indispensable companion. However, like any appliance, it may occasionally encounter hiccups. Here’s a guide for grade 7 students (and anyone else!) on how to troubleshoot and fix common issues with the Sunbeam MixMaster.

The Mixer Won’t Start:

If your MixMaster doesn’t turn on, the first step is to ensure it’s properly plugged into a working electrical outlet. Check if the outlet is functioning by plugging in another device. If the device works, your problem isn’t with the power supply. Also, check the power cord for any visible damage.

The Mixer Starts but Suddenly Stops:

This could be due to the mixer overheating. The MixMaster is designed to turn off if it becomes too hot as a safety feature. To fix this issue, let your mixer rest and cool down for about 15-20 minutes. Always remember not to overuse your mixer; give it short breaks during long mixing sessions to prevent overheating.

Inconsistent Speed or Power:

If the mixer’s speed is inconsistent or if it’s not as powerful as usual, there might be an issue with the speed control. The MixMaster’s speed control can sometimes wear out or become faulty. Unfortunately, fixing this issue might require a professional or replacing the mixer entirely.

The Beaters Won’t Turn:

The beaters not turning is a common problem and is often due to them not being correctly inserted. Ensure the beaters are fitted correctly into the mixer. Check the user’s manual if you’re unsure. If the beaters are fitted correctly but still not turning, it could be a mechanical problem, and you might need to get professional help.

The Mixer Makes Unusual Noises:

If your mixer is making unusual noises, check if the beaters are hitting against the bowl. In case they are, adjust the height of the beaters or the bowl. If this doesn’t solve the problem, it could be an internal issue. There might be a problem with the gears, which might need to be replaced.

The Mixer Vibrates Excessively:

The mixer might vibrate excessively if the bowl isn’t correctly placed or if the mixer isn’t positioned on a flat surface. Make sure the bowl is locked into place and the mixer is on a flat and stable surface.

It’s essential to remember that if you can’t identify or fix the issue yourself, it’s always better to consult with a professional. Continually trying to use a faulty mixer can lead to more damage or even risk your safety. Furthermore, if your mixer is under warranty, any unprofessional repairs might void your warranty.

Maintaining your Sunbeam MixMaster 350 Watt is also important to prevent potential problems. Always clean it after use and make sure it’s dry before storing it. Regularly check for any visible issues, such as a frayed power cord or cracked beaters, and replace these parts if necessary.

By troubleshooting your Sunbeam MixMaster 350 Watt, you can ensure that it continues to be a reliable partner in your culinary adventures. Happy mixing!


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